So the Voyage begins…

Sam and I are moved into our cabin which is actually really cool, much better then the dorm rooms at least! We have our own bathroom and shower, one desk, a small TV with movies repeating and information of where we are located in the ocean, and a closet.

I woke up this morning to extreme motions. Some people said their drawers were opening and closing and things were flying off shelves and tables but Sam and I just got the crazy rocking aspect. Going across the Atlantic is a lot more bumpy then I imagined. I thought since the ship was this big it would be hard to feel much at all but I was wrong. I haven’t experienced any sea-sickness at all but I have been feeling extrememly tired. The gentle rocking of the ship is calming to me. Too calming. It makes me want to sleep for days. I honestly can not wait to reach land. Spain is about seven days at sea away right now.

We had our first day of classes today and so far, so good. My psychology teacher is really interesting. She used to be a clinical psychologist but realized there is a much stronger need to observe the enviornment, family, and culture of a region rather then just the individual – which I completely agree with.

Sam and I signed up for some more adventures abroad today as well. In Eygpt we are taking a Jeep Safari to Cairo where we will then hop on some camels and head to the pyramids…I can’t even begin to imagine what this is going to be like. I’ve been thinking of the time I spent in Arizona or visiting California and the extreme differences in landscape then the East Coast…now I will be going to Eygpt!? Or hiking the Berber Villages of the High Atlas Mountains in Morroco?! There is just so much I have to look forward to. I know before I know it I will be making this trek back across the Atlantic to Norfolk, VA…I need to focus on being here now and enjoying every moment of this opportunity.


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