18 June, 2010 10:04

Last night Sam and I invited a few people to our room to hangout before the social that was happening later that night. Everyone loved our room and it reminded us both of how awesome our dorm room had been and how many people used to hangout in there when we lived in Galloway. We have the Grateful Dead tapestry and Bob Marley tapestry hanging and a few smaller photos of Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison on the wall. I guess other people didn’t think ahead like we did as we were packing because it seems like no one else has anything hanging up.

So, around 9:30 we headed up towards the top deck for the gathering. It was the first night alcohol was served on the ship and even though it is extremely limited, which is fine by me, it was really REALLY fun. You are allowed two drinks at dinner (which most people pour into a container and save until the social) and three at night – but not past 11:30. It’s nice being able to drink legally and not worry about getting a cab here or there or getting a drinking ticket from the ALE or something. Five drinks is also plenty when you are on a moving ship that already makes you feel drunk sometimes. The wine glasses look about 4 oz. Barely. It’s funny how a little bit of alcohol really made everyone so much more outgoing and friendly.

We drank our three drinks on the top deck and then decided to get our guitars and jam out a little. Our jam session escalated quickly as the glowing tambourine came out and more people joined us. Three guitars and a tambourine later, we had a full blown fun-fest happening. We were dancing and clapping and harmonizing with one another – it was beautiful. One of the best jam sessions I have ever been involved in. I can’t wait to see how many more happen (which I think many will) and how much better they get as we feel out each others playing style and find new musicians.

As it reached 1:00am and we realized that we lost another hour that night making it 2:00 – we all finished up the last jam and headed to our cabins. Sam and I were still so awake and excited about the night we had just had. It feels good to see a good group of friends starting to form. This is only the first night of many other amazing nights, I know it.

In each room of the cabins there is an ugly painting. No joke, the paintings are so ugly I don’t understand why someone painted it – yet alone purchased it. Anyways, if you rip it off the wall there is messages written behind it from other Semester at Sea voyagers. There are tips and hints and funny stories about the room. It’s really awesome! Our ugly painting has information about nearly every country – telling us where to go and what to do. They say in Vietnam you should try and get one rickshaw driver to race another rickshaw driver because its incredible fun and dangerous. One person also wrote that when you get to Naples, Italy you should leave – don’t buy anything there..”in fact, don’t touch anything there”. It’s so funny to read…they said this room will never be the same after Magnum Mike. Whoever that is… It also claims that one girl got wasted at the Ambassadors Ball and puked all over this room “smell what I mean?”

I think the tradition of writing behind the ugly paintings is awesome. I love secret messages, I think that’s so cool. I want to go around an read everyone’s!

Well, it’s time for class…hope all is well with everyone of land!


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  1. michelle moreno
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 00:10:06

    Hi Casey!!!! how are you doing??Just want you to know that we are all thinking about you, hoping you are safe and having an amazing time. My 3 monkies miss you!!!!! We are getting a pool put in tomorrow and are leaving for virginia on friday to camp for a week—So can’t wait to go

    love ya–michelle


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