Itching for Spain..

First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day to the best father I could ask for. I really do wish I could see him today. I missed his birthday and now Father’s Day too. I never met a better guy then my dad…he really is the most awesome person I know. I won’t go into detail because I’ve already sent him everything I wanted to say but I just wanted to say it again because I know he’s reading and checking up on me and I love him for that!

Today we took our first Global Studies test, we had to memorize the countries and seas surrounding the Mediterranean and from the looks of it everyone did awesome! After my first two classes I went up to the top pool deck and laid outside with some friends until my 4:15 Astronomy class. Everyday it seems to get warmer and warmer and the ocean just keeps getting more and more blue. Thanks to Albie, I have the BEST sunglasses in the world to look at the water with. He gave me an awesome pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses for the birthday and in all honesty it was one of the best gifts ever. I can’t imagine how beautiful the Mediterranean is going to be looking through those shades.

On Thursday we port in Barcelona, Spain. Excuse me if I had said Tuesday in previous posts, days seem to be dragging on while we cross the Atlantic. Everyone is itching to get off the ship and explore new places. The Friday we arrive in Spain it turns out that Spain is playing in the World Cup…that means things are going to be incredibly rowdy. I’m not a sports fanatic at all but I’m excited to see all the hype in the streets. I’ve gathered a group to come hiking on the last day in Barcelona in Guell National Park. It’s really a breath taking national park and I’m really excited I don’t have to do it alone! I have a few other destinations I will be traveling to while in Spain, but it is the shortest of our stops so we can’t do too much or else I wouldn’t get to really absorb anything but the metro while traveling in the country.

I talked to one of the assistant deans on the ship yesterday and found out some really interesting information. Three people (at different semesters) have fallen off the ship. One was “by accident” the other two…involved alcohol. One guy was just drunk and stupid, the other was dared to “touch the water” in the Indian Ocean. His friends tied bed sheets to his ankles and lowered him to the ocean so he could touch the water. A wave took him and off he went. The Indian Ocean, especially at night, is loaded with Tiger Sharks. The AD said they were incredibly lucky to find him being that they couldn’t use the spot light for more then a few seconds or sharks would be attracted. Bottom line – it cost’s $42,000 dollars if you fall off the ship…and you are kicked off at the next port. That’s a chunk of money for a stupid move. Another interesting fact was that one year the captain had a heart attack and died…they had to store his body in a cold room until the next port. One more fact – they have preformed two surgeries on board before in times of crisis. I can’t even imagine.

I miss Brewster so much…there are NO animals whatsoever and it’s really sad. I hope that little guy is doing well. I can’t wait to see him when I get into Norfolk (along with my parents and friends!). Hope everyone is doing well. More to come when I get a break from class work, readings, and the pool deck! Love!


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