We have arrived!!

About an hour ago we pulled into the port of Barcelona! Right now we are waiting for customs to clear the ship so we can all jump off onto real earth and explore! I couldn’t be more excited! After nine days of traveling over the Atlantic and going to class EVERY SINGLE DAY, I am so ready to have a break and see some of the most beautiful and historical areas of the world!

Today while most my friends do a school organized tour of the city, I will be off exploring with Blair, Emily, and a few others who didn’t sign up for the tour. Being that today is a holiday, many of the tourist attractions might be closed. That’s quite alright, we have a list of things to do!

Tomorrow I will be traveling to the Montserrat, a monastery high up in the mountains. From the pictures I have seen it looks absolutely incredible. I wish I could post pictures! After the monastery we will climb to the top of the mountain which overlooks a beautiful panoramic view of Barcelona. I will try and go to a wifi cafe sometime before I leave Spain so I can do that but here on the ship my internet is VERY limited and goes by data usage, not minutes, which is even trickier… uploading one photo may kill all the internet time.

As I look out the window of my cabin I see high landscapes with palm trees lining the roads and ships of other travelers and merchants. It’s only about 8:00am… (2:00am back in NJ & NC!) so it seems quiet outside but I know tonight, and the following nights, are going to be epic. I still can’t imagine the extent of what I may see and do and this is ONLY THE FIRST PORT.

Saturday I’m going to Figueres to see the Dali Museum that’s supposedly filled with tricks and magic around every corner and possibly to the Dali Castle afterwards.

Sunday, the last night, I will be hiking in National Park Guell. This is by far my most exciting trip – you may disagree but I love that stuff. I’ve taken upon myself to invite everyone to come with me too… this National Park looks amazing and I’m super stoaked to climb to the top! Google some images – I’ve been looking at pictures for months!

I’m so excited to eat real food. It’s been so long. Everything in the cafeteria is the same everyday. We have pasta, salad, potatoes, and PB & J. Since I don’t like potatoes (I know, I’m a pretty terrible half Irish person), this limits me to salad, pasta, and PB&J….but then we have to consider I’m a vegetarian…so even more limited. I’ve been living on fruit and salad and the occasional treat from the bar upstairs that serves smoothies and other moderately decent food (but at a price, bummer). I want paella (no sausage involved), fresh fish, rice, beans… PROTEIN…Sam and I have decided we are so limited in protein that we may die. Just kidding, but really – there is no protein for us. Spain will help us live again!

Well, farewell mi amigos! I’ll report back when I have time! Adios!


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