From Barcelona to Figueres, I love it all.

The first stop of the journey has come to an end…

As I reflect upon everything I’ve seen and done in four days I’m shocked at how much I have accomplished. I traveled two hours out of the city to a smaller town called Figueres where Salvador Dali built this magnificent museum (looked more like a fun house). The train was delayed thirty minutes which made us thirty minutes too late to buy tickets for the museum…but this didn’t phase us. Figueres was the picture I had in my head of what Spain would look like. We conveniently went while Glam Festival was happening and I had the opportunity to purchase the most wonderful handmade leather fanny pack. For everyone that has teased me about the fanny pack in the past years – It is NOT dead, in fact – it is very much alive and coming back hard. Who wants to hold a purse and dance? Not me, instead I strap it around my hips and I’m hands free, no worries! I recommend going to Figueres… it’s really something and from what I’ve heard the inside of the museum is unlike any other in the world. If you’re looking for a true feeling of Spain, Figueres is the spot. Whereas if you are looking for night life, nudity, beaches, tourists, and street performers – Barcelona is for you. I’m not saying Barcelona is bad…it has been great, but I didn’t get the same feeling for it as I did Figueres. Maybe the fields of hundreds of sunflowers we passed on the way to Figueres really did it for me.

Night life in Barcelona is wild, to say the least. You don’t go out until 1 or 2 and when the club lights go on – you realize it’s 630am and the sun is rising. I’ve never seen clubs like these either. Multiple levels, each with a different style of music playing…from rock to rap to techno…they have it all. Everyone is dancing, if you look from the top level down to the bottom you just see a sea of people dancing everywhere…standing on platforms, in cages, in costume…whatever goes. Hole in the wall bars always make for a better night with your friends then the tourist traps on La Rambla promising free pitchers of watered down Sangria. Las Chupitas, famous for their hundreds of different theatrical shots, was one of the coolest bars we stopped in. I’m not a shot kind of person…I hate the taste of alcohol but these were insane. The bartender pours a shot then puts a hollow orange on top and fills that with another kind of shot then sprays 151 all over the counter and lights it on fire. As it’s burning she shakes pepper all over the fire making it pop….this is only one of the hundreds of Euro shots. Other shots required you light your thumb on fire or use a straw to inhale the peppermint fumes from some other fire shot or wear a Viking hat while someone else hits you with a bat…this place was crazy. I never experienced anything like it!

Parc de Guell wasn’t what I expected but it ended up being really awesome anyways. We went to sleep at 730am and woke up at 11 to hop on the metro to the park for a hike. I made a conscious decision to hike in every country and so far I’ve done two in Spain and both have been amazing. I recommend taking a trail that’s off the main trail. Every time I have done that I’ve found something more beautiful and interesting. Don’t be afraid to jump a fence or climb a little in order to find the best spot with the most incredible view. I saw all of Barcelona from one of the highest points earlier today and it was breath taking. The rush you get when you reach the top of any mountain is the best feeling in the world. Pushing your body to reach it is great Both of those together are the reasons why the outdoors is the ultimate place for well-being.

Last night everyone on the ship seemed to be just as tired as me…4 days of walking, hiking, and non-stop dancing finally caught up with us and I’m pretty glad we have a full day of rest before Italy. I’m excited to see how Italy is compared to Barcelona. Our port will be considerably farther away then Barcelona and we will not have a free shuttle back to the ship like we had there either. This means we will be staying in hostels most of the time there. Probably the most exciting news is that Lacey McClain will be traveling (hopefully, she’s standby on a plane right now!!) to meet up with us in Rome!! Sam has a tour on the first day so I will be going to pick Lacey up at the airport and together we will conquer the empire. I’m upset she left her tambourine in Wilmington because that would have been he easiest way to find her. Nothing beats the glowing tambourine magik. I’m so so so excited… I can’t stop telling everyone on the ship about her coming! I pray that she gets on this flight and tomorrow morning I can jump into her arms!

We have 7 more ports and 6 more countries ahead of us… I couldn’t be more excited to experience the culture of each of these. I haven’t stopped smiling since we got to Barcelona…I can’t help myself from telling everyone how great of a time I’m having. I love every minute of it!

(One more quick stupid thing – if I were to ever open a bar wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was Bar Solana… so clever. hahaha)


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