Capri & Cliff Jumping!

Yesterday we woke up super early so that we could catch one of the first ferry trips over to this island off Naples called Capri. It’s a very popular “romantic island” that many Americans travel to. The beaches are rocky and all you see around you is mountains. It was beautiful! The water is crystal clear, which was shocking because its only 45 minutes away from Nasty Naples, and the visibility was GREAT for snorkeling. We found a spot on the beach and posted up there for a few hours. The island is known for its abundant resource of lemons…which makes their most famous drink – lemincello.

A few of our friends rented a boat for the day and after a few tastes of lemincello we threw our backpacks from the jetty onto the boat and swam over to them. It was like we were soldiers in the army tossing our backpacks onto this get-a-way boat. Ten of us were on this small boat traveling all around the island, admiring the vast mountain landscape and cliffs. We came up to a spot where steps were made to climb up the cliff. Sam, Josh, Omar, and I immediately jumped off the boat and swam towards the rocks. We began to climb and I realized how far up we actually were climbing. It was terrifying. I knew I wouldn’t come down without jumping… I had to do it. Omar went, we had already jumped like four times before us, and watching him go just made me more nervous. Josh leaped off the cliff into the clear blue water…then Sam did as well. It was just me left and to put it shortly…it took me thirty minutes of preparation to get the guts to jump. Everyone was screaming telling me to jump and it was just making me more nervous. Finally I took a deep breath and launched my body off this 50+ foot cliff into the Mediterranean. Hitting the water hurt, just like I expected, but was totally worth it. After I jumped, Blair dove off the boat and wanted to go… I decided I had to do it once more. My first time was just so my friends wouldn’t make fun of me the whole way to Croatia but the second time I just counted to 3 and jumped, for my own peace of mind. I was super happy I did it… it was one of the scariest things I have ever done and it was completely worth it. My friend Kim took a video so I can’t wait to show it to all my friends to prove the height of this cliff.

After cliff jumping we returned the boat and got some really awesome food in the little town and met up with some fellow SAS’ers. By the time night started to fall there was about 50 SAS’ers on the beach singing the national anthem and drinking wine. It was definitely one of the coolest 4th of July’s I ever had and I wasn’t even in America. The ferry came around 10:30pm and everyone was starting to feel the effects of a long day on the beach, boating, and cliff jumping. I slept the entire ferry back and as soon as I got into my room I showered and passed out. It had been a really fun day in such a beautiful place with such a great group of people. Everyday I’m just more and more grateful for this experience. I hope everyone get’s to do this at some point in their lives, whether in school or as an adult (adults can do this too! they’re called life time learners! We have 90 year olds on here!).

We leave Naples at 6pm today and have a two day voyage over to Croatia. Now the school part is back in effect. I have a Global Studies exam tomorrow and an Astronomy exam the following day. My next two days will be spent strictly studying and preparing for five days in Croatia (and Montenegro). Astronomy is definitely the hardest of my classes. I have a wonderful teacher but I’m not familiar with any of these concepts so it’s been really difficult trying to grasp everything. Psychopathology is awesome, I love it. Global Studies is actually really fun…we learn all the history of the places we visit and when we get there we already have such a great background on it and can point out certain things that we’ve learned about. For example, we learned how all over Rome you will see the letters SPQR written on the sewers and street signs. It means Senatus Populusque Romanos… and was created as a republican slogan back in the day in Rome. Every time we saw it, it meant more to us then just letters. I love learning about things I can see and touch…especially things that are so historical and still intact! It’s awesome!

I’ll write again soon. Ciao!


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